Type 1 Diabetes: Dexcom

If you have type 1 diabetes and you don’t have a Dexcom, I HIGHLY recommend that you get one! Better yet, if you have a loved one with the beets (ya I’m gonna call it that) then you should get them a Dexcom! Here’s why I am so obsessed:

1. Accuracy. I actually had a Medtronic CGM prior to getting the Dexcom and I can’t tell you how much I hated the Medtronic one, SO inaccurate! CGM’s by nature aren’t designed to replace finger sticks, but what they’re really good at is detecting trends. Well, the Dexcom is pretty close to being spot on about 90-95% of the time and it always knows when I’m going any one direction too fast.

2. Affordability. I hesitate to add this because I know everyone’s insurance can be different AND calling any health care affordable in the US is kind of…laughable. BUT when I got quoted for how much the Dexcom would cost I thought there was a mistake! Compared to all the other costs in the beets world, this was the cheapest.

3. iPhone and Android compatible. Finally! A system that you can use from your phone! Not only that, but other people can download the app and follow your glucose in real time. They can turn alerts on for lows and get notified directly on their device, pretty sweet! Although, I know for some people, sharing your numbers with others is like a major invasion of privacy. I have my hubs, my Mom in Seattle, and my friend in town all following. My hubs and friend have alerts for when I’m low but both know that if they abuse their inner circle privileges I can knock ’em off real quick! 😉


Here’s what the app looks like on an iPhone

As I mentioned above, my hubs gets blood sugar alerts. The other day when I was at Home Depot with Rookie, I got caught in a rain/thunder storm and was frantically trying to finish up my purchases, stay dry, and race home before he realized he was hungry. I was so flustered and preoccupied with everything else going on that I didn’t even realize or hear the alerts telling me that my blood sugar was in the 40s! Luckily he was able to reach me and tell me to sit down somewhere and pound some power pellets (Go Seahawks!) before I got back in the car. Phew! It’s great to take a glance at things before I drive anywhere so I know whether a low is in the forecast or not.

Lastly, I did not have a CGM when I was pregnant with Rook. That is the one thing I wish I could have had. If you’ve got the beets and you wanna start a family, or have young children, I double recommend getting this! I will definitely be using this for my next pregnancy since it’s so good for keeping things “in bounds” and notifying you of those debilitating lows! And no, I am not some spokesperson being paid to recommend Dexcom, I am just THAT obsessed!


Eczema: That Flare Up Though

If any of you suffer from eczema or have kids that suffer from eczema, you know the struggle. When Rook first started flaring up he was about 3-4 months old. I had no idea what was causing it, but I was convinced that it was food allergies, and food allergies alone! Now that I’m a smidgen wiser about eczema and what it is, I’ve realized that there are many things that may aggravate his symptoms, but they are not necessarily the cause. I mean, if we’re being honest, he’s genetically destined to have it. The hubs had eczema as a child, Rook is half Korean (it’s apparently common in asian people), and his Mom is an autoimmune disease dispenser…so ya…no surprise!

The one food group I’ve noticed to cause flare ups is definitely dairy. Rook is now 10 months old and I thought I’d experiment by giving him cheese and seeing what happens. Well, the picture you see above is what happens. Never again!

For now, our routine is 1-2 baths a week with water and Kiss My Face olive oil soap. We buy ours at Whole Foods but you can get it online or at most health stores. We also like to use Aveeno eczema therapy and basically anything from the CeraVe line. I’m working with a new brand/skin care routine but I want to make sure I have good results before I share, so stay tuned!



What’s In My Baby’s Mouth?

“But seriously, what is in your mouth Rook?” I can’t count how many times I’ve asked him this question. When he was a few months younger, it was more of a panicked question followed with fingers down his mouth trying to remove whatever disgusting object I’d left on my floor and consequently allowed my baby to eat. Now that he’s a bit older there’s a little less panic and a little more “meh” followed by a shrug of the shoulders. But what I’m worried about now are the things hiding disgusting amounts of mysterious mold and rust and what they could possibly be doing to his body.


Do you know what I’m talking about? I literally had no idea to even look for this kind of crap until my husband took apart Rook’s rubber ducky and discovered a garden of potential diseases! (Just kidding, I don’t know if you can catch diseases from this sort of thing, but I don’t want to find out!)


Look at him, so innocent! He has no idea the secrets that rubber ducky holds!


This is the crap I found inside! After I gagged and rinsed, I immediately started cleaning it and stopped in my tracks so that I could blog about it :p  So it was slightly worse before this picture was taken.

Do yourselves a favor and check all those rubber, water smuggling toys. Ew!